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Every once in a while I find positive affirmation of a principle of today's marketing methods that I feel compelled to share. Seth Godin speaks to Strategy Before Tactics and specifically to Narrowing Your Focus in his own unique style.

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Values That Drive CEOs


As we began working on a new marketing project that required an understanding of the values that drives CEO in leading their organization we decided to try LinkedIn Q&A.  Our question was this: 

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CEO's and Customer Experience



Though often used, the term "customer experience" gets little credit as the prime driver of revenue. In mediocre firms its just another word for customer service. It’s hidden back in the service department, often treated by the sales effort as an afterthought so the sale won't bounce, or garners attention only when a customer is lost to a competitive sales offering. 

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Do Freemums Close Sales?



We used to call them product trials. 

They're the "give aways" that helps create 

Trust in the Know, Like, Trust paradigm. 

But do they close sales

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Marketing Without Strategy is the Noise Before Failure


Strategy and tactics must go hand in hand in order for a business to achieve a measure of true momentum but an effective marketing strategy must be in place before any set of tactics make sense.
This Sun Tzu quote, borrowed from the Art of War, and adapted for the title of the first workbook in the Catalyst Marketing System, pretty much sums up our feelings on the subject:
“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”
The reason strategy mostly gets lip service when it comes to a marketing process is because most people misunderstand what a marketing strategy really is. So, let’s start with what it’s not. Strategy is not a wish list, set of goals, a mission statement, or litany of objectives.
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Differentiaters - How to Find, Use and Include in Marketing Plan Your Firm's Unique Qualities



The answer to running a successful marketing campaign is using your unique features, advantages and benefits - your differentiators - better than anyone else calling in your market. More importantly, the benefit must match your prospect's values. 

"Beauty is in eyes of the beholder," so to speak. The difficult part of this concept is remembering the beholder is not you. It is your prospect. 

Here's a couple ideas on how to make sure you are talking in prospect value terms which should be the same as your differentiators.

First find the unique quality you bring to the table.  

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Learn How to Publish Strategic Marketing Plan Content that Educates


 Featuring excerpts from the 7 Steps to Successful Marketing 

Our recent blog on the three elements of a lead generation campaign features a section on the 4C's of which content is the most important. Content strategy must be accomplished through very specific forms of content, not simply through sheer volume. The content must also reflect a strategically laid out marketing plan. "Every business is now a publishing business, so you must start to think like one," says John Jantsch, a renowned marketing consultant to growing businesses.

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Lead Generation Basics

One of the things that most researches will agree upon is that in the know, like, and trust battle, it usually takes six to ten contacts or instances in which somebody reads  about you (advertising), or hears about you (public relations), or is referred to you before they really can start the know, like, trust then buy. 
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How to Properly Structure a Sales Presentation




A properly designed sales presentation used in the buy step, gives you control of the information presented, reduces the time to close, sets the stage for installation.

The Sales Presentation is a natural segue to starting a new client phase from the discovery step where you established the face that...  

...the prospect appreciates your value to their firm as elaborated in the previous marketing steps of the HourglassSM,

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How to get the Most Out of Interviewing and Integrating a New Sales Person


Whether interviewing a found talent or an open position candidate, a defined interview process will pay back dividends as op

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