Customer Experience

Your customer experience emphasis and educational content in your marketing approach doesn’t end once you make a sale. DevCom recommends establishing a plan that allows your company to continue communicating educational content that demonstrates a level of professionalism not displayed by competing businesses.

Nothing derails a client relationship faster than failure to set and meet initial expectations hence your customer service plan must be laser focused to your clinets unique business needs. Some of the items DevCom discusses and organizes for clients include:
Initiating a Client For Life Program

Starting with the installation
  • Use a New Customer Kit 
  • Build a culture of superior customer experience
  • Create an open door policy
Turning your clients into repeat clients through:
  • Cross product information 
  • Customer events 
  • Customer for life programs 
  • User group meetings 
  • Customer account positioning 
  • Dealer and seller meetings 
  • Website management
  • Establish a program such as "The Referral Engine"
  • Find your champions
  • Educate and follow up
  • Rewards for referrals

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