Improve Customer Service to Create a Customer for Life

In order to keep a customer for life, a businesses must first base its customer service practices and all other business practices off customer centricity. Doing this will help improve the way clients react which in turn will make your businesses customer retention rate higher. 

Create a Customer for Life…
Excerpts from Duct Tape Ultimate Marketing System™ Turning Leads to Customers workbook.

Get the New Customer Off to a Great Start and they will become a customer for life

Use a New Customer Kit
When a client says yes you should be prepared to teach them how to get the most from this new relationship. That’s right; your educational marketing approach doesn’t end once you make a sale. Develop “training” documents that communicate key bits of information such as:

  • What to expect from us next
  • How to contact us if you have a question
  • How to get the most from your new product/service
  • What we need from you in order to get started
  • What we agreed upon today
  • How we invoice for our work
  • A copy of our invoice

This allows you to communicate this information demonstrating a level of professionalism not always displayed by competing businesses.

Nothing derails a client relationship faster than failure to set and meet initial expectations so work to create that customer for life and you will succeed.

Initiating Higher Education
Your job in lead conversion is done, right? Not exactly. Now is the time to start gently moving your clients towards the next purchase. How you do this for your particular business will differ but the process starts with education. This customer retention strategy will keep your clients happy and coming back for more.

How many times have you signed up for some service that really sounded great, but then never got around to figuring out how to use it? Provide your clients with training after the sale. Make sure that you have the educational tools in place to upgrade their understanding of what else you do.

Any time you start a project for a large organization you can initiate your education process by gathering information about key personnel and the needs and projects going on in other departments.

A Word About the Invoice

Treat your invoices as though they are performing a marketing function because they are. Use them to up‐sell, resell and communicate important marketing messages. Treat them as a big deal, no matter how small you think they may be. You’ve set an expectation in all of your other communications, so keep it up with your invoices.

Surprise and Delight
In addition to your kick‐off meeting, we suggest that you add a bonus feature to your initial transaction process. In other words, immediately surprise them with something more than they expected.

Customer Satisfaction
It's not good enough to deliver quality on time at a fair price to keep customers for life. Today your clients, customers, patients want a "customer experience" with you. From your point of view, great customer experience makes you referable. You know you are providing that level of customer satisfaction when you get a phone call from a stranger saying your customer insisted he do business with you. One such call a week, 4.3 per month, 52 a year is the finest metric you can have of your customer satisfaction.

For more insight on how to improve your businesses customer centricity approach and how to create an appropriate plan for customer retention contact DevCom today.